As a logged-in member, there are currently three research facilities available for you.

If you go to either Newsletter or Journal pages (within the Publications Tab), and click on any Newsletter, or the contents of any out-of-print Journal, you will see a button to enable you to download a copy of the Newsletter or Journal article. These PDF’s are for members use only and must not be published or distributed to anybody without the express permission of the NCS membership secretary. Those pages can also be reached after using the Search Index facility, which now also includes hints regarding how to make best use of the search facilities.

There are also currently two databases which you can access for research purposes.

Extracts from the statutory Register of Ceramic Designs, 1884-1900, have been donated to the NCS by their compiler, David Beaton.

News items of current affairs in the pottery industry, mostly but not exclusively in the Staffordshire Potteries, have been contributed to NCS Newsletters by Rodney Hampson since 1981 under the heading Potteries Jotteries. Those Jotteries now include over 33 years of changes and developments in the potteries industry, and an up-to-date index of those news items is now available to members.

To access one of these research facilities, click the highlighted links above.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the WordPress Profile page for ?
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How do I change my password ?
After you have logged in with your initial temporary Password, Go To your Profile page as described above under What is the WordPress Profile page for ?

In the bottom section of your Profile, called About Yourself, you will see two fields called New Password and Repeat New Password.  If you wish to change your password, enter your new password in both those fields and then click the Update Profile button.  Your access Password will then be changed to the new Password that you have chosen and entered.