Summer School 2017


Invites members and non-members to its 2017 Summer School

Digging for the Truth
ceramic research above and below ground

                  Tuesday 15th to Thursday 17th August 2017

People dig for the truth about ceramics in different ways: unearthing them from the soil or the bottom of the sea; investigating their composition with scientific instruments; digging in historic archives; and carefully examining the pots themselves. Sometimes ceramic history is rewritten, even when the ceramics themselves have entirely vanished.  Explore the latest ceramic research when you attend                                                                 NCS Summer School 2017                                                                    NCS Summers School 2017 download reservation details


The Programme

Maurice Hillis

The Attribution of Porcelain to Longton Hall and West Pans

George Haggarty

Scottish Pottery Research; yesterday, today and tomorrow

Rosie Cooke

Discovering God: exploring Geoffrey Godden’s Archive

Nick Panes

Pushing the Boundaries: new developments in scientific analysis as an aid to attribution and fake detection

Miranda Goodby

‘Purity of colour, excellence of glaze and artistic character’: Majolica and the Minton Archive

Robin Emmerson

Success or Failure? Wedgwood in the Empress’s bedroom

Peter Hyland

Theodore Deck, a Rediscovered Genius

Sue Taylor

Journeys in Ceramic Research: discoveries, disappointments and diversions

David Barker

Digging up Potters, but which ones?

Members’ Short Papers

Frank Davenport

Treasure and Tragedy: the sinking of the Josephine Willis

Pat Halfpenny

Ralph Wedgwood: beginning a new appreciation

Roger Pomfret

New Hall or not New Hall, that is the question

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