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Saturday, 30 November

Raven Mason Collection at Keele University

Members Papers

The Northern Ceramic Society has a long tradition of offering members the opportunity to share their latest research.  Sometimes discoveries offer brief, fascinating insights into ceramics and we encourage members to share them in short members papers.  Today’s programme comprises three very different topics.

  • Brian Allaker  La Porte Chinoise – A Paris Retailer of the mid 19th-century
  • Deborah Skinner Ruth and Ann Ruth Mason
  • Tony Curnock An Unusual Yixing Teapot

2.00 pm

Rosie Cooke will tell us about her recent research in a presentation entitled

A Grave Story
in memory of Staffordshire Potters

Need directions to the Raven Mason Collection, Keele Hall,  Keele University? 

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Ceramic Beginnings

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