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Newsletter 141 - Mar 2006

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Page Content Contributor
1 NCS Programme
2 Editorial
2 Correction
3 Reports of Meetings
3 29th October 2005 : Tinglaze to Bone China: an overview of Liverpool ceramics Maurice Hillis
5 29th October 2005 : The Depiction of the Sea on Tinglaze Earthenware John Black
7 26th November 2005 : Clarice Cliff - True Innovator or Clever Copier Charles Dawson
12 26th November 2005 : Our Home in the West: Staffordshire Potters and their emigration to America in the 1840s Miranda Goodby
15 Correction to Report of Summer School
16 Ridgway Basalt Trevor Kentish
18 Exploiting the Power of Copper Plate Analysis Des Scanlon
24 Billingsley, Brampton, Wells - Collections & Connections Pam Gardner
29 Pots & Custom Emlyn Roberts
31 Ceramic Designs in The National Archives David Beaton
34 Simeon Shaw 1785-1859 Rodney Hampson
36 Separating Miles Mason from Thomas Wolfe - New Evidence Des Scanlon
39 With thanks to the Newsletter - The Underglaze V factory .... part 2 Rob Fisk
44 Paintings of Deer on Pearlware Bowls Roger Edmundson
45 Help Wanted and Help Given
47 Potteries Jotteries No. 99 Rodney Hampson
48 Books
54 Museums News
57 Diary
59 Summer Visit - Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge
60 Obituary - Derek Chitty
62 Obituary - Denis Blake Roberts
64 Agenda - AGM - 27th May 2006