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Newsletter 15 - June 1975

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Page Content Contributor
1 Editorial Reginald Haggar
3 Lecture Meeting 1st March 1975 : "Wedgwood and Stubbs" by Bruce Tattersall Diana Darlington
4 Temple Newsam House etc., Leeds Peter Walton
5 A Query Answered (Re. Rev. G.R. Wedgwood) Una des Fontaines
6 Events and Personalities - Memories and Impressions, 2 Reginald Haggar.
9 Lowesby Terra Cotta Anne Palmer
9 The Wedgwood Museum, Barlaston: (Quote from Annual Report) Bruce Tattersall.
11 The Initials 'A.B.'
11 Another Odd Use of Crockery
12 The Staffordshire Potteries and Broseley David Holgate
13 Giant Jugs
14 Eyes to See
14 China Rivetting
15 The State of the Market
15 Bottle Ovens Ronald Brown
16 Letter to the Editor Ivor Robertshaw
16 Happy Memories (Morley CCC's Winter Visit to Brighton) Elizabeth Adams
17 In Praise of Wedgwood