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Newsletter 60 - Dec 1985

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Page Content Contributor
1 Editorial
3 Summer Visit
5 Factory Z(*!@+) and All That Harold Blakey
7 A Mystery Porcelain Factory
9 The Majolica Factory at Makkum Margaret Newton
13 Breakfast in Bath Valerie Milford
14 A Cautionary Tale Alma and Geoffrey Barnes
14 6 Jugs Purlwit (sic) and Borders Harold Blakey
15 Abstracts from Pigot's Directories Part III J.P.M. Latham
20 A Davenport Basket: Alan Cleaver
22 Lecture Meeting: The Early Blue Printed Wares of Wedgwood
23 "Plates with Holes in" - An appreciation of Donald Towner Tom Walford
25 The Cube Teapot Rose Meldrum
26 The Northern Ceramic Society Journal 1987
28 A B C,Adams, Bridgewood or Cochrane?
28 Stephen Folch: An appeal for information
30 One for the Pot John W. Bentley
31 Ceramics
32 Exhibitions
36 Book Reviews
36 Society Publications
37 Future Programme