British Ceramic Lockdown Quiz 2020

60  questions divided across 6  categories are designed for you to test yourself on how well you know British Ceramics.  Challenge yourself to see how many you can answer from your own general knowledge.  If you need some help (and most of us will) begin with the NCS digital database and then move on to your library, and don’t trust everything you find on google!

Answers will be available on June 1 here on this website, mark your own paper and see how well you know British Ceramics.

How will you score?

1-25  Not bad but you need to attend more NCS meetings, summer                       school &/or winter weekend
25-39 Better, but suggests you have a narrow focus of interest, you can               widen this by attending more NCS meetings, summer school &/or               winter weekend
40-49 Pretty good, have you thought of doing a member’s paper for an                  NCS meeting, summer school &/or winter weekend?
50-59 Very Good, have you thought of writing a paper for the NCS                          Journal?
60+  Excellent, you should join the NCS committee.