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The Current Newsletter, number 197, (April 2020) includes the following articles:

NCS Programme

Agenda – Annual General Meeting 30 May 2020



-Geoffrey Godden: Author and Ceramic Researcher – Maurice Hillis

-Georgian Enamels Competing with Ceramics – Ian Harvey

-Ruth and Anne Ruth Mason – Deborah Skinner

-A Nineteenth Century Retailer in Paris – Brian Allaker

-An Unusual Yixing Teapot – Tony Curnock

-A Grave Story – Rosie Cooke

-Winter Weekend 2020; Cerami Beginnings – Helen Walsh

Thomas John Bott (1854-1912) Like Father Like sobe Part 2 – Colin Andrew

The Eagle Potworks, Castleford – C. Cumberpath, et al

Thoughts on Collecting – David Doxey

An Unrecorded Documentary Blue & White Worcester Teapot together with an Updated List of Dated Blue & White Worcester Porcelain 1751-1780 – Nigel T. Cooke

Della Robbia Pottery Artist Discovered – Peter Hyland

A Mug Meant for Our Yankee Cousins? – Peter Constable

A Mormon Plate – Reg Nash & Alan Tomlinson

Help Wanted and Help Given

Obituary: Tony Thomas (1933-2019) – Maurice Hillis

Potteries Jotteries No 155 – Rodney Hampson

Museum News – Deborah Skinner