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The Current Newsletter, number 196, (December 2019) includes the following articles:

NCS Programme


-Contributions to the Newsletter-

-Change to Publications Mailing Cycle

-Winter Weekend 2020: Ceramic Beginnings

-NCS Summer School 2020: A Passion for Pottery & Porcelain (Save the date)

-TCC Relaunches Key Exhibition Sites

-TCC Research Grant Awards 2019


-Summer Visit: Compton Verney and a Private Collection – Nicola Scott

-Summer School 2019 – Anna Burnside

-Coalport China works: 28 September 2019 – Clare Walker

James Bradley Senior and Junior – Colin Andrew

Lost in the Water: Three British Plates from the Musi River in Indonesia – Jaap Otte

A Bellarmine Bottle in Oxford, 1685-86 – Robin Emmerson

Thoms Bott (1829-1870) Spade Handle Maker to Artist Part 1 – Colin Andrew

Ralph Wedgwood for Russia – Robin Emmerson

Some Late Ceramic Building Products of the Leeds Fireclay Company – Alan and Janet Tomlinson

Masonic Jugs – Catriona and David Maisels

Help Wanted and Help Goven


Potteries Jotteries No 154 – Rodney Hampson

Museum News – Deborah Skinner