Three NCS Newsletters are published every year. Current year’s Newsletters are only available to members of the Society



The Current Newsletter, number 200, (April 2021) includes the following articles:

NCS 2021 Programme Updates

*Summer School 2021

*AGM 2021 & Committee Business


*NCS 50th Anniversary Exhibition 2022

*Newsletter Guidance Notes


*Potteries Jotteries

*TCC Press Release: Richards Research Grant 2021


* The 2020 ACC Book Award

A Revealing Letter – Pat Halfpenny

A Farmers Prayer Answered – Peter Constable 

Albert Shuck (1880-1961) A Quiet Man – Colin Andrew

Davenport Incised Numbers – David M. Pendergast

Rathbone Earthenware and the ‘Pekin’ Pattern – Ian Harvey

An Unrecorded Bristol Porcelain Plaque – Nicholas Panes

Another Dutch Delft Marriage Plate for the English Market – Michael Signy

The Weston Service – Roger S. Edmundson & Kate Cadman

William Ridgway and Bone China – Angela Grant

Wm. Ridgway Sale 1848 (Advert)

Baddeley’s Dragons – David M. Pendergast

Help Wanted & Help Given

Obituary: Maurice Hillis (1939-2020) – Pat Halfpenny

Museum News – Deborah Skinner