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These member resources include ongoing research projects to which you may be able to contribute.  Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have a project we might include on the site, or if you can offer assistance to a fellow member.  There will be contact details where applicable.


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Bailey Gallery Revised

Check out the revised gallery of “Bailey”
and associated wares.  Can you add to it?

Teapot Captions

Updated captions for
teapots illustrated in
A Directory of British Teapots.

Bowring Gallery

Check out the gallery of “Bowring” patterns and shapes and associated wares.  Can you add to it?

Creamer update

Updated attributions for creamers illustrateded in
A Cabinet of British Creamers. Check it out.

Diamond Registration

Fellow members  share their database to make it easy to find diamond registration details of maker etc. 1842-83

Registered numbers

A fellow member shares his research into registration of ceramic designs 1884-1900

Pattern Books

This  is a growing list of known pattern books and their location.  Do you know of others?

Coming soon

A gallery of Crown Ducal coffee  cups in pattern number & date order.