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The current year’s Newsletters are only available to members.

The Newsletter is free to members and published three times a year.

Every edition includes articles about recent research, museum news, book reviews as well as the forthcoming programme and reports of meetings. There is also a ‘help wanted and given’ page which poses some interesting questions

The current year’s Newsletters are only available to members but a number of past issues are for sale in hard copy from as little as £2.00, see the product links below. If you select an issue from the drop-down menus you will see a list of contents.

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Members are welcome to write articles for the publication and the Newsletter Editors are very encouraging and helpful to those who are going in to print for the first time.
Editors’ Guidance for Submitting Articles – click here

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We have a number of past publications of Newsletters. They contain important snippets of research as well as more extensive work and are well worth exploring.


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