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Ceramic Resources

From pattern books to apprenticeships  and from the 18th to the 20th century – we have resources for research.

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Books by members

Plus class is the name given to a group of porcelains with a + or  x after the pattern number.  This booklet illustrates comparisons, discusses theories, and shows the current range of shapes and patterns found in this mysterious group
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The Adams Lancaster Tankard discusses the origin and development of the Lancaster shape and uses original archive evidence to discuss its development and the range of decorative treatments over 100 years of production.
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Understanding the code on a diamond registration mark 1824-1883,  Find out who registered a mark, when it was registered and what design was protected.


Useful Thomas & Ralph Wedgwood

A paper read to the English Ceramic Circle in December 2019 and published in ECC Transactions volume 31, 2020. This paper is posted with the generous permission of the English Ceramic Circle..

You can find a link to the article  here


Major update to List of Dealers

Updated  to include a previously  unpublished list of London Chinamen   researched and generously shared with the NCS by Nicholas Panes.

You can find the a link to the Dealers list here


Pad Mark Gallery 

This gallery is intended to aid research into a group of stonewares with moulded and sprigged decoration that have a small stylized floral pad mark containing the model number.

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Ceramic News 

 NCS Exhibition

 The Northern Ceramic Society
in conjunction with
The Potteries Museum & Art Gallery


The Flowering of British Ceramics

21 May – 4 September, 2022
Potteries Museum & Art Gallery,

Admission Free
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TCC Research Grant

 The Transferware Collectors Club
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this year’s research grant awards. 

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New Book

The Alastair Leslie Collection
Volume 1: Eighteenth Century West Pans Porcelain c.1764-77
by long-time NCS member
George Haggarty

Hard cover £24.99
Soft back £18.99

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