Gallery of Members’ Pots

The following display of NCS members’ pots commemorates the founding of the Northern Ceramic Society 40 years ago and celebrates the significant contributions made by its members to a deeper understanding of British ceramics.

The conception and gestation of the Society took place at the City Museum & Art Gallery, Stoke-on-Trent (now The Potteries Museum), where a group of collectors and curators who wanted to set up a society for ceramic enthusiasts in the North of England, met to discuss the idea. It was not to be a rival to the London based English Ceramic Circle – indeed the meetings were scheduled so it was possible to attend both societies each month if one was so inclined. The idea was to offer a range of lectures about pottery and porcelain at more accessible locations in the middle and north of England and to have a less formal system of membership. The steering committee meetings were held in the office of Arnold Mountford, Director of the Museum. Reginald Haggar, and Michael Parkinson (who both lived locally), David Holgate (who was a frequent visitor to the museum collections as he researched his first book on New Hall), Tony Thomas (always looking dangerously glamorous in dark aviator glasses), Terry Lockett, and perhaps Alan Smith all gathered to explore the idea. The society held its first meeting in Manchester Museum and Art Gallery and has grown from strength to strength since those early days.

We would like to express to those members, who kindly responded to our requests via the Newsletter for contributions for to this exhibition, our grateful thanks for their generosity (and also for their patience!)