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Here you will find links to a range of videos showing pottery  making past and present.  If you are new to YouTube scroll down for help on how to use the Youtube site.

If you hover your cursor over one of the images below, the title will appear and  if you click on it, the youtube video will open up.

Old films of the Staffordshire Potters includes

  • Spode A History of Excellence , parts 1 & 2.  Commissioned by Spode this film was made in the early 1990s and has a commentary by Sir Michael Hordern.
  • Wedgwood Etruria pottery 1926 is a brief glimpse inside the factory, silent but with music track added
  • Pottery  in Britain – Including Wedgwood  Pottery and Painting – 1941. Called Colour in Clay this  technicolor film is a study of English pottery, potter’s skills, and the factories of Wedgwood. Perhaps the most chauvinistic of the films listed here.
  • (Pottery 1940-49) is a British Pathé instructional film showing pottery making in the classroom, in the art school and in the factory.
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Old films of Traditional Potters include

  • Films of Isaac Button, Soil Hill Pottery near Halifax. Mr. Button retired in 1965 just after the final part of this film was made.
  • A film of George Curtis, the Big Ware potter of Littlethorpe, made in 1975 by the BBC for an Omnibus programme.
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Pottery making and decorating

  • Transfer Printing Demonstration at Spode – Blue & White Transferware. This video shows a transfer-printing demonstration at  the former Spode factory in Stoke-upon-Trent.
  • Slip Casting at the Emma Bridgewater factory in Stoke-On-Trent, is a brief film showing the slipcasting process, but imagine pouring the slip into moulds from large jugs rather than from a “hose”.
  • Making Maiolica is a film made by the Getty Museum showing, forming and decorating of maiolica of the renaissance period.
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Video links

If you hover your curser over one of the images  above, the title of the film will appear
 and  if you click on it the youtube video will open up.

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