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14th NCS Winter Weekend

Flattery and Fakery:
The Art of Imitation

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Winter Weekend 
modern copy of a Ralph Toft slipware dish
Modern copy of a 17th century slipware dish. The potter's signature on the back suggest flattery.
Samson copy of Chinese porcelain punch bowl
Samson copy of Chinese porcelain bowl. Flattery or Fakery?
Cauliflower teapot in the style of 18th century Staffordshire made in 20th century
20th century copy of 18th century teapot. Probably fakery but possibly flattery.
London deflt bottle with added inscription
17th century London delft bottle with modern inscription. The bottle is real the date is fakery.

Member’s Showcase
Alcock & Co. figure

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Videos of potters and
 pottery making

Have you ever wondered how pots were really made and decorated?  Videos are a fascinating insight.

shelly slip pouring

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Where can you hear about 20th century art decco china, 19th century classical decoration, 18th Worcester porcelain mysteries and rare 16th century owls?



At the NCS of course.  All these subjects were covered at our last meeting.
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Three original British pottery are now available to view online as Winterthur Library makes more of its collection available digitally.  You can look closely at every page and download any images you find interesting.

The 1796 shape book of the Castleford Pottery, Yorkshire,  with text in French and Spanish is available available here

The 1798 shape book of James and Charles Whitehead, Staffordshire, with an explanation of the plates in  English, German, Dutch and French is available here

The 1814 shape book of Hartley Greens & Co, Leeds, Yorkshire, is available here